EXCLUSIVE RENTALS LTD specializes in consulting about real estates. We secure buying, selling and renting out of real estate and land. Based on our partner´s agreements we arrange the best mortgage and insurance rates for you. We secure other types of loans as well. With a wide variety of our services we are able to bring your request to satisfactory conclusion. In case of need, we can provide house moving, construction company, graphic design offices, etc.

Landlords´ and tenant´s representation
Buyer´s and seller´s representation
Development project representation
Complete real estate advising
Real estate appraisal, expert´s opinions
Legal real estate checking (executions, collaterals, insolvency, etc.)
Construction company securing
Legal advice
Security deposits
Anonymous property buying
Real estate purchasing
Mortgage Assistance - Regular Mortgages 
repayment up to 40 years
drawdown up to 24 months
the lowest interest rate
non-banking loans
investment financing
mortgages for foreigners
Types of mortgages/ purpose of financing
standard maximum loan amount: 120% of the total value of the real estate.
non proof income mortgages up to 60% of the total value of the real estate
financing of purchase in an auction, exchange, insolvency or execution
mortgages for foreigners
financing of a membership stake in a flat-owners' association, 
investments / American mortgages
refinancing a mortgage provided by another financial institution
to settle co-ownership (including on behalf of a spouse) of real estate
building or finishing real estate or  making structural changes, modernisation
paying a membership stake in a flat-owners' association, transfer of membership in a flat-owners' association
savings and loan association agreement´s loans
operational financing for businessman
financing of housing industry
mortgage insurance and unemployment insurance
real estate and household´s insurance
apartment houses insurance
legal advice insurance